We partner with leading international insurance and re-insurance firms in the UK and Europe, as well as start-ups within InsurTech and FinTech sectors in London to recruit a world-class workforce. Our understating of the importance of attracting top tier calibre personnel is unparalleled. We draw on our vast pool of experience and industry knowledge to offer a professional and bespoke boutique recruitment service to suit your organisation’s growing needs. We don’t work alongside you- we work with you 



The Actuarial Profession has grown over the last decade and demand has never been so strong. This is partially due to regulatory changes and also due to the industry recognising the pivotal role of the actuarial teams that play in a (re)insurer’s long-term success and sustainability. Our recruitment service focuses on all levels of Actuarial recruitment across the UK & European markets from Actuarial graduates to Qualified Actuaries, Head of Actuarial teams and Chief Actuaries.



The need for technical analytical skill sets within the Financial Services sector is constantly increasing. The advances in technology and the move towards a more analytical approach has seen a real spike across sectors and industries. The most in-demand analytical skill sets we recruit for include:

  • Risk Managers
  • Catastrophe Modelling
  • Exposure Management
  • Management Information (MI)
  • Business Analyst (BA)
  • Machine Learning Engineers



We have over a decade’s experience in partnering with some of the industry’s most exciting data-driven organisations and are at the forefront of the Data Science recruitment space. Do not get left behind! A high number of companies from different sectors and markets are quickly building out their data science functions and are investing heavily into becoming the leaders in data and analytics within their industry. For this, you need to have the right people. We help you with that.



FinTech is probably the most exciting sub sector of the digital market with an increase of 120% since 2017. It is a multi-billion dollar industry where the UK is leading the way with £20 billion annual revenue (over half of Europe’s total). London is the hub of the European market with 45,000 FinTech employees, 300 global bank headquarters and the London stock exchange. Funding and investment is huge and recruitment has never been as key to the financial sector as it is now during this complete revolution. Fen are here to help with all your FinTech recruitment needs.

Our Recruitment Consultants have years of experience and an excellent reputation with hiring highly skilled professionals. Contact us now to discuss the recruitment challenges within your business and you will be impressed by our insights, performance and results.