Data Science Course

Insight Risk Consulting

Fenchurch Associates have joined forces with Insight Risk Consulting, in becoming an exclusive partner and sponsor for their Data Science Course.

Insight Risk Consulting provides two one-day computer based data science courses. Course attendees will learn both data science methods and how to apply them in R.

R Programming for Actuaries:

This full-day course will introduce R, a statistical analysis programming language which is well-suited to the common problems of data analysis and visualisation faced by modern actuaries. Beyond an introduction to the environment, the course will cover data exploration, including plotting and summarising data, curve-fitting, and random simulation of claims. We will fit both linear models and GLMs to data, and analyse and visualise the results. Finally, we will consider examples of reserving using the ChainLadder package. Developed by experienced actuaries, the supervised practical programming examples will be directly applicable to the day-to-day needs of an actuarial professional. No prior programming experience is assumed.

Data Science for Actuaries:

The course will be a full-day introduction to the world of data science, with an emphasis on the practical implementation of machine learning techniques using R. We will contrast supervised and unsupervised learning problems, and classification and regression problems, and cover fundamental concepts such as bias-variance trade-off, error measurements and cross-validation, and algorithm refinements such as boosting and bagging. We will mix presentations and demonstrations with supervised hands-on implementations of the techniques discussed. The course is intended for an audience with a basic actuarial level knowledge of statistical analysis, and a brief understanding of the programming language R (obtained from the companion course), but no other knowledge is assumed. Specific techniques that will be covered include:

  • Trees and random forests
  • K-Nearest neighbours
  • Neural networks
  • K-means clustering
  • Hierarchical clustering

Recent feedback from course attendees: 

“The course proved to be the perfect exploratory start into the world of R and data science for actuaries. Having never used the software prior to attending the course, the in-depth content ensured the basic foundations were laid. It was very informative, and I left the course with a toolkit that I shall incorporate in practice. An excellent introduction.”

“It was a great and comprehensive introduction on how modern data science techniques can benefit actuaries.”

“Highly recommended!”

Please contact Ashley Beatens or Buu Truong to register your interest