UAE Talent Solutions

Fen Associates and MindPower have created a Joint Venture to better serve the UAE market. In particular we intend to use our extensive UK and European candidate networks and experience to support the following sectors within the UAE:

  • Engineering at skilled managerial & senior level
  • Construction at skilled managerial & senior level
  • Oil & Gas at skilled managerial & senior level
  • Power & Energy at skilled managerial & senior level
  • Hospitality at skilled managerial & senior levels
  • Insurance
  • FinTech and InsurTech
  • Education
  • Medical


We are right for you if your company:

  • Has a specific position to fill but may lack the in-house skills, knowledge and equipment to achieve the results required.
  • Sees partnerships with key suppliers as vital to success.
  • Want to see the best talent in the market and in particular have access to a large passive pool of candidates.



For a long-term relationship, establishing a partnership with you is important.
We would assign a dedicated person with the knowledge and relationship skills to you. This person is responsible for providing feedback and information to enable critical deadlines to be met.


As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into setting up a successful partnership. We hope that you and your team will be excited by the prospect of working with our driven, dedicated and friendly team. Building relationships is not a quick win solution but a long-term investment. We cannot guarantee 100% success rate, but we will always strive and exceed expectations and build on an enjoyable relationship with you!


Despite increased adoptions of in house recruitment teams and RPO’s (Recruitment Process Outsourcing),
the recruitment market has never been more fragmented, recruiters everywhere make the wrong assumptions. These teams will inevitably need the support from the specialists.


Fen Associates & MindPower have a dedicated team of specialist recruitment consultants and we focus on three essential principles: Attention, Conversion, Retention.