Why You Should Work with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter gives you many benefits you may not have considered before. It is always a positive thing to answer a message from a recruiter. Even if you’re not specifically job-hunting you might be given an opportunity too good to resist. Your skills could be sought after, and employers are willing to give you the opportunity to show them your talent.

You might not want to build a close relationship with every recruitment firm going but focus more on one or two. It’s important to prioritise good recruiters, and looking them up both on their website and on LinkedIn is always a good idea.


  • Access exclusive positions and information

When working with a recruiter, you may be able to access positions exclusively available through them. They will know insider information about the company and the culture within, that you cannot find in a job advertisement. A good recruiter will give you specific advice about how to tailor your CV towards that company, as well as advice towards an interview for a potential role. They might have important information about the company that you would not be able to find online, which could play to your advantage.

  • Easier job hunt

A recruiter makes the process of job-hunting much easier for you, as they communicate with the employers and hiring managers in a different and more in-depth manner than possible for the typical job seeker. The recruiter does all the hunting and matching for you, so you don’t need to worry about it. All you need to do is organise your profile and CV and attend the interview(s).

  • Interview preparation

A decent recruiter will help you prepare for a successful interview, by talking the most important points through with you on the phone and sending preparation documents with further advice to you by email. This will set you on a path where you feel more confident about your interview.

  • A recruiter’s motivation will be an advantage

A recruiter will of course be keen to put you in towards a position they have, and they can talk you up and sell your profile in a way they know will grab their client’s attention. This could play hugely in your advantage to secure an interview or a job. The reason the recruiter can do this, is that their close communication with the client, perhaps previous contact as well, means they know what the client values and expects from a candidate. Instead of you sending an email to drown in a full inbox, your application could stand out and be noticed.

The recruiter will keep you in the loop throughout the application and interview process, with updates immediately after they receive feedback from their client. If you feel you did not come across right at the interview or have any further question a recruiter can assist in conveying this to the client, in the hope you will have a better chance of success. Even if you were to be rejected from the position, a recruiter might be able to point you in the right direction for improving your job prospects for the next role that comes along with them.

  • Securing the best salary and package

If you are successful at an interview, pushing for a better package or offer can be a tricky field to navigate on your own. If you’re involved with a recruiter, they can do this work for you. They will have expert knowledge about salary expectations for roles such as the ones you are looking for and will be willing to aim for the best offer possible. You will of course have a say in this, and ultimately you are the one deciding if an offer is suitable for you or not.

All in all, working with a recruiter can massively work in your favour, due to their contacts, their experience in your industry, and their motivation to get you hired. You certainly have nothing to lose.