The things you need to know about relocating for work.

Could it be the snow filled mountain ranges of Switzerland, the draw of the white sand beaches and clear blue seas of Bermuda or the bratwurst and beer festivals of Germany? What would convince you to relocate for a career development opportunity? My aim is to persuade you to take the Leap!

“Why listen to me?”, I hear you ask. When I was growing up, my parents were lucky enough to have the opportunity to relocate for work. From the rainy UK to sunny and humid Malaysia to the hot summers and cold winters of the US. My parent’s travels meant I got to tag along around the world and it’s something I would recommend to everyone, with or without children!

The first reaction for many people when faced with the opportunity to relocate is one of nervousness, anticipation and fear. This is normal, the prospect is a substantial change and is a big step outside of your comfortable routine. Relocation for work is a big decision for anybody to make and a combination of many factors will lead you to your overall decision. Concerns such as family and friends that get left behind, to the stresses of finding that perfect house in a new city mean that the choice is hard. It’s these things that may add up to ultimately convince you to stay where you are.


In addition to this, the Video Conference, Webinar and Skype Calling world that we now live in makes it easier than ever to be in contact with business colleagues from various locations around the globe. This combined with the 21st centuries ease of travel means you are likely to be able to convince your boss that you don’t need to relocate for that 1-2 year project in Zurich, New York or wherever it may be.

I can see it now, each week hundreds of business men and women sitting at home smartly dressed in a shirt and tie but with sweatpants and flip-flops on under the desk, all whilst being on a video conference with colleagues who are half way around the world. This is great. I can see the advantages of flexible working but what do we miss out on due to this? I feel there are two main aspects that we miss out on which can only be gained by moving for a new job. In my opinion, these aspects far outweigh the potential issues.


The first beneficial factor of moving is the boost your CV will receive, making you more employable because of the different regulations, methods and cultures you will experience. Relocating for work is about more than just moving and working in a new place, it says something about your personality. It shows employers you are committed to your job, proactive, happy to step outside of your comfort zone, dynamic, personable enough to work with people from diverse backgrounds and most importantly confident enough to take a chance. International experience is always a beneficial aspect on a CV and will help to improve your career prospects for the future.

Secondly, and what I believe to be the most crucial factor as to why you should make the move is the life experience, adventure aspect and culture diversity that relocation can offer. This is not necessarily work related but relocating and travelling for work means meeting new people from different backgrounds with different perspectives and experiences. This is an invaluable experience to have and can give you a new outlook on work and life in general.

I understand relocating for work is not for everyone and obviously you need to do your homework on the new city, the new job and the new company to make sure it is right for you. There are many challenges to be faced and many things to weigh up before deciding but in my opinion the benefits you gain far outweigh the drawbacks. Don’t be scared and put off by the prospect, just think, if you are good enough to secure a job abroad, you are good enough to get one back at home if things don’t work out.

Why not give it a shot, you may just never come back!