Is now a good time to move?

Have you recently been contacted by a recruiter with an interesting opportunity that you wanted to go for, but you weren’t sure if you were ready to move? Let us help you with that!

Moving jobs can be very scary and risky as you don’t know if it will be the right move for you until you’ve made the move, we get that, but how will you know if you don’t try? Would you rather regret something you did do, or something you didn’t do?

If you’re contacted by a recruiter with a fantastic opportunity that you feel could be an exciting new challenge for you but you’re not sure if you’re ready to make that move, try asking yourself the following questions before you make the quick decision to decline…

1.      Does the opportunity available offer more than your current role?

2.      Is there more room to progress in the opportunity available than there is in your current role?

3.      Is there more to learn in this new opportunity?

4.      If you missed the application deadline, would you regret not applying?

5.      What have you got to lose by exploring?

Even if you’re not sure, it could be worth going for an interview as it could help you to decide!

Take it from someone who has been in this situation, I recently changed roles after being with my previous company for only 1 year. I was approached by a recruiter who had an opportunity available that really interested me, I didn’t even have an updated CV available so wasn’t even considering a move at the time.

At first, I was unsure on whether it was too soon to move as I had only been with my company for a year, but then I thought about the questions above and realised that the opportunity available does offer more, I had already been promoted so there wasn’t much more room to progress, so I thought maybe it was time for a new challenge. Here I am almost 6 months later glad that I made that change and took that step forward.

The best people aren’t actively looking for opportunities, they’re approached about opportunities.

So, the next time you’re approached by a recruiter and you’re not sure if the time is right, think back to this article before you say no, and take it as a compliment, recruiters will only contact you if you’re the best of the best!

If you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance.