Dear HR, it’s your fault if people hate you.

Dear HR, it’s your fault if people hate you.

When you make this kind of statement in the headline of your article, you have to be prepared to explain yourself.

On 8th March 2018, the national French television released a documentary called ‘The Executioner – A HR Director’s confessions’ lasting 30 minutes during which Mr. D. Bille, HR Director, is explaining how he was sacking people by the shovel using rather unorthodox methods, not to say illegal.  If you are a French speaker and would like to see Mr. Bille explaining without any shame his methods and proudly informing us that his nicknames used to be ‘The Butcher’ or ‘Darth Vador’, you can have a look at the documentary here

As you can imagine, the HR community reacted very badly to the documentary and I saw many posts on social media about some of my fellow colleagues absolutely offended that the national television participates in this HR bashing movement and broadcast using such horrible methods. I have to say I was initially furious and promised myself I will not share the documentary because it is a stack of rubbish. And then I realized something.

Everyone hates HR.

I have worked for several companies and have noted that people hate HR. HR is always seen as the costly department that brings nothing to the business and is just there to look after the (low) salaries or to sack people.

This is obviously a caricature and I have had the chance to meet extraordinary people working in HR, I have worked in HR myself and I know how truly passionate you need to be about people and careers to be able to work in HR. But the thing is, how often have you heard about the amazing things HR do? How often have you heard about the hundreds of jobs offered by companies, about someone’s professional reconversion successfully managed by HR, about the professional qualifications paid by a company for an employee? Do you get my point now? HR, this is only your fault if people hate you. And I am to blame as well, I never bothered communicating about the 100+ jobs I offered last year, about how I contributed to reduce the company’s turnover and increase the business performance. Here is my advice, if you can take the time to post on the social networks expressing how offended you are by documentaries such as this one, then you can also post to share the great things that HR do on a daily basis.

I recently changed jobs and joined the recruitment industry as an International Recruitment Consultant and I have to say that coming from HR was a real challenge in the beginning. Candidates and clients wouldn’t take me seriously because I came from a HR background, some of them wouldn’t even work with me, they had doubts about my skills and my motivation. I admit it, I was very angry and disappointed, but I also started to think about all the reasons why people were reacting this way. And there is only so much I can say to defend us, HR people, we are great at what we do but we don’t communicate enough and share success stories. So, I finally decided that I will start to communicate and share my successes because I want to fight this common HR bashing movement and show that we can be great.

I have already started to change my fellow recruiter colleagues’ opinion by explaining what HR do on a daily basis and that they work just as hard as recruiters. And here is what I want to share with you as well:

5 reasons why you benefit from working with a recruiter that comes from a HR background.

1.      They are people driven

A recruiter that comes from HR is without any doubt passionate about people. Coming from a HR background I can tell you how driven we are by people’s wellbeing, career and success. And, yes, there are some horrible people in HR as there are in any other profession, but most recruiters coming from HR will truly listen to you, your ambitions and give you guidance to achieve your goals. They will do their best to find an opportunity that is right for YOU and not for them.

2.      They know how to be discrete

If you have worked in HR, you have necessarily been exposed to confidential matters such as personal and sensitive data management, disciplinary procedures, work agreement negotiations, employee relationships or a highly sensitive recruitment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say sacking and doing disciplinary is the majority of the job (trust me, most HR people hate this part of the job and would like to get rid of it if possible). My point is, if you are a client and need someone discrete to approach some candidates or if you are a candidate looking for a new opportunity whilst in employment, you can trust a recruiter that comes from HR because they know how to handle these touchy situations.

3.      They are business and result driven

One of the things that I hated the most when I used to work in HR was that we were not sharing enough about our performance, results and impact on the business. This is one of the reasons why I was attracted by recruitment and I think that if you are crazy enough to move from HR to recruitment, you must obviously be business oriented. Recruitment has a true result orientation and you can see, show and share the outcome of your hard work very easily. This is why I think that a recruiter who is a former HR professional is actually a very good business partner as they are not only driven by people but also by results and money so could be a great asset to your company as provider or employee.

4.      They will never give up

Here is the fact, as HR you are used to be bashed all the time, criticized and blamed. You certainly know how it feels to work hard for no recognition and you learn to face these difficulties, bite your tongue and get on with things. My first month as a recruiter was a big challenge and I experienced so many rejections, unsuccessful calls or candidates contacted for no results. At first, I felt demotivated and a bit down but then I remembered how it felt when I was in HR. Get on with it and try harder. And I can tell you, it pays off!

5.      They know how to negotiate

If you have worked in HR, you know how to talk to HR people. And this is one of the best things about being a recruiter that comes from HR. You know when to call or not to call, you have knowledge of companies’ remuneration policy and you know how to negotiate your candidate’s salary. You can also tell when an offer is fair or not and discuss with both clients or candidates to find an agreement.

So here is my advice, be proud of what you do, where you come from and share the great stories and if you are now convinced working with a recruiter that comes from HR is a huge benefit then message me directly and I’ll be happy to have a CONFIDENTIAL chat!

For those still not convinced, I can’t wait to prove you wrong!